Why Is My House So Dusty? 5 Possible Reasons

Why Is My House So Dusty

why is my house so dusty

You make a lot of effort to keep your house clean, yet somehow you cannot do so. For instance, whenever you swipe your finger against the floor or some other area, your finger gets packed with dust. This must have made you wonder why is my house so dusty?

It makes you feel like you are living in an occasionally -used basement. Before moving forward, let’s discuss what the definition of ‘dust’ is?

According to Lexico, dust is defined as “fine, dry powder consisting of tiny particles of earth or waste matter lying on the ground or on surfaces or carried in the air.”

The reason for discussing the definition is that it states and tells us that dust is made from many tiny particles. All these particles come together and make your house dirty.

To get rid of the dust, you need to figure out where all these particles are coming from.

Let’s get that dust out of your house.

Where does the dust comes from?

There could be so many ways through which the dust comes into your house. Because of so many different forms of dust, its exact root is tough to track but it will be most likely from the five causes we are going to share with you.

1. Broken HVAC Filters

The primary reason for the dust in your house could be the HVAC filters. They are the first line of defense against particles, so it is vital to have high-quality HVAC filters.

But all filters are not created equal. The cheap filter has larger holes as compared to the high-quality ones. These larger holes allow more dust particles to pass through them and enter your house through cooling and heating vents.

Also, your filters may be broken or clogged up. It is crucial to keep changing your filters regularly (at least every three months or when they appear saturated) to avoid this problem.

The air filters have a MERV rating, which stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. This rating is on a scale from 1 to 16, with a higher number denoting a more powerful particle trapping power.

The ideal HVAC filter rating for a household is between at least five to eight. The higher ratings are used in commercial places such as hospitals. I would recommend using Filtrete filters, as they worked the best for me.

Remember that you will have to change even the highest-rated filters regularly.

2. Leaking Air Ducts

Another possible reason could be that your home’s air ducts might be full of dust or even more critical; they might have openings.

There are many reasons for leaking air ducts, such as improper installation or the tears of unwanted critters.

Having holes in your air ducts means that dust is escaping the air ducts, eliminating the purpose of having air ducts. Consider cleaning, repairing or replacing the air ducts.

Air ducts

3. Dust In Your Carpet

Another major contributor to your dusty house is your carpets/rugs. An average rug in your home stores 10 pounds of dust a year. All the dirt from your shoes or pet paws settles into the fibers of your carpet.

Vacuuming your rugs often is the solution to this problem. I would recommend vacuuming at least every other day to get rid of dust. Make sure that you don’t recirculate the dust from the carpet back to the surrounding living space. Low-quality vacuums are most likely to cause this problem as they have an ineffective dust-trapping system. Shark vacuums do the job perfectly for me.

If you think that carpets contain the dust that couldn’t be cleaned at home, consider taking your carpets to a professional cleaner.

Dust in your carpet

4. Pets & Animals

Do you think I would ask you to get rid of your pet? No, that’s not an option. I understand this as I also can’t imagine my life without my dog.

Almost all cats and dogs shed fur, and skin flakes regularly. There is nothing much you can do here, but try the steps I will tell you to reduce the shedding of fur.

Give your pet a regular bath and use a suitable pet brush. Another thing you can do here is that brush your pet at least once a week to remove loose hair. You can also take them to get professionally groomed.

pets and animals

5. Other Reasons

Apart from the steps mentioned above, there are a few other common reasons that make you wonder ‘why is my house so dusty.’

First of all, if you live near a dirt or gravel road or there is construction going on nearby, it could be a significant cause. Another reason could be that dust can be located in the form of pollen, which certainly comes from trees and plants. To tackle the above two causes, you may keep your house doors closed at all times or may even consider sealing it to prevent dust from entering your house.

The fabrics in your house also contain a lot of dust. Just simply sitting on the sofa could release a lot of dust. Vacuuming your furniture once a weak should help with this cause. If possible, try to change your fabric-covered furniture with leather or wood furniture.

Leaky windows or doors are a common cause of dusty houses as well. A small gap in one of the windows could result in a large amount of dust coming into your home.

Your cleaning technique may be one more reason for a dusty house. While cleaning, you could be unintentionally moving dust from one place to another instead of cleaning it. It just recirculates the dust back to the surrounding place. Using a microfiber cloth for cleaning is better than a simple piece of cloth, as the microfiber cloth will trap most of the dust.

why is my house so dusty

Why Is Dust Harmful?

Dust consists of small particles of dead skin and debris. Because of its small size, it could be inhaled and likely cause an immune reaction. The majority of the times, only minor allergic reactions will occur because of this, but sometimes they could be significant depending on the individual.

Our lungs are exposed to danger whenever we breathe in the dust. Dust in our house is often made up of human skin and dead bugs. Household dust doesn’t have any acute health effects for most people other than making your skin crawl.

Nevertheless, there are other forms of dust that might be dangerous as well. A constant long term exposure to high levels of the dust of any form can harm your health.

How To Reduce Dust In The Home?

The explanation to your question ‘why is my house so dusty’ won’t be complete without explaining how to lessen the incoming dust in your home.

It is worth mentioning that you can’t entirely eliminate the amount of dust coming into your house, but you can still reduce it significantly. Of course, regular cleaning is the first step that you should follow to stop the dust in your house.

You can use air purifiers to keep your home dust-free. When it comes to fighting against the dust, air purifiers are a game-changer. Make sure to change the filter of the air purifier regularly to ensure its smooth functioning.

We all do mopping and vacuuming in our house, but fewer people clean their walls. Yes, cleaning walls are as important as the cleaning floor.

Use a microfiber cloth to clean the beds, sofas and other furniture in your house. Microfibers can trap the remaining dust that the vacuum or the broom missed out earlier.

There is always a lot of clutter in everybody’s house. I know we get lazy sometimes, but it should be removed as soon as possible. This clutter creates an extra surface for dust to accumulate.

Using less cloth and linen will keep dust away from your furniture. Textiles catch more dust as compared to leather or wooden furniture. If possible, replace your cloth and linen furniture with leather.

I bet that you must have a bunch of clothes that are just sitting in your closet, and it has been ages since you wore them. Keep your closets clean and organized. It would be best if you keep your unused clothes sealed in a bag or some boxes.

Another simple way to keep dust out of your house is to take off shoes when you enter the house immediately. It will keep the dust restricted to near the entrance door, from where you will be easily able to clean it. If you need to take your shoes to the room, clean the shoes at the entrance.

Last but not least, as discussed earlier, keep your pets neatly groomed.

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