Most Beautiful IKEA Micke Desk Hacks That Will Amaze You

IKEA Micke Desk Hacks

We all are a big fan of IKEA products, and its Micke desk is not an exception.

IKEA Micke desk is a simple and minimalistic white colored desk that can be used to organize and decorate any space in your house.

Of course, it looks great without any modification, but some little additions could make it more beautiful.

Keep on reading, and we will show you IKEA Micke desk hacks.

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IKEA Micke Desk Hacks

We have gathered a list of 12 most beautiful IKEA Micke desk hacks that will you can use in your daily life.

Let’s get started. 

Bold Colors Micke Desk

Let’s start the list of IKEA Micke desk hacks with this pink and sky blue colored painted desk.

This design is an excellent option for kids, especially girls.

The two colors give it a minimalistic look.

Bold Colors Micke Desk Hack

Add A Vanity Mirror

A vanity mirror and an IKEA Micke desk make a great combination.

Add a lighted vanity mirror in front of your IKEA Micke desk to help you with your everyday grooming, makeup application and other tasks.

Vanity Mirror IKEA Micke desk hack
Image Credit: House Of Five

Vinyl On The Drawer

This is one the easiest IKEA Micke desk hacks that you can apply.

Just by adding vinyl to the drawer of the desk, it completely changes the look of the whole desk. But the gets complete only with the chair, so you will need to get a similar chair as well.

If you are looking for a similar chair, you can find it on Amazon.

IKEA Micke desk hacks

A Modern Golden Touch

Add a modern and glamorous touch to your room by getting golden color legs and handles for you IKEA Micke desk.

IKEA Micke desk hacks

A Shared Study Space

Combine two IKEA Micke desks to make a shared study space. This hack looks super clean and is also an efficient way to save space.

Shared study space IKEA Micke desk hack

Adhesive Paper

Use adhesive paper to personalize your IKEA Micke desk according to your own preferences and choices.

IKEA Micke desk hacks

Makeup Space

Add some wall racks, a rounded mirror and a cute, comfy chair to make your own makeup space. You can use different types of wall shelves according to your needs.

IKEA Micke desk hacks

Wooden Top

Give your IKEA Micke desk a premium look by adding a wooden top. A wooden top also adds to the value of your desk.

You can also try to match it with other aspects of the room and making it more purposeful.

IKEA Micke Desk wooden top hack

Pink Touches

Make your girls day by adding pink touches to the IKEA Micke desk.

IKEA Micke desk hacks

Make It Colorful

By adding different colored adhesive vinyl to your IKEA Micke desk, you can give your room a more colorful look. Play with many colors to see what matches the best to your room.

IKEA Micke desk hacks

Star Up Your Desk

Add some star-printed adhesive paper to your IKEA Micke desk for an outer space feeling.

IKEA Micke desk hacks

Home Office

Combine two IKEA Micke desks to make a home office for yourself and your partner. 

IKEA Micke desk home office
Image Credit: House Mix Blog

That was our list of 12 IKEA Micke desk hacks. I have personally combined two IKEA Micke desks to make a home office for myself and my partner, and it works really well for us.

Which one did you like the most?

Let us know in the comments.

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