IKEA Kura Bed Hacks For A Unique Look

ikea kura bed hacks

IKEA’s Kura bed is one of the most famous beds for kids.

For just $199, you get a bed that fulfills all your needs.

The bed is compact and sturdy, which allows it to fit in tight areas and last for many years.

The basic frame of the IKEA Kura bed leaves all space for customizing it according to your needs and preferences.

Our bedding expert team has made a list of 20 IKEA Kura bed hacks to give your bed a completely new look.

Let’s get started. 

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IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

We have collected the best 20 IKEA Kura Bed hacks from all over to make things easy for you.

These hacks are easy to follow, and you may not even need to buy extra stuff for some of them as they can be done with things you already at home.

Enjoy the list of 50 IKEA Kura bed hacks.

Double Decker Playhouse

#1 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

How about not using the IKEA Kura bed actually as a bed?

Yes, you heard it correctly.

You can use it as a playhouse instead of a bed.

This IKEA Kura bed double-decker playhouse hack by IKEAHackers will amaze your kids.

It transforms your IKEA Kura bed into a vintage playhouse that looks AMAZING.

Along with the IKEA Kura bed, you will need a TROFAST shelving unit to complete this project.

IKEA Kura Bed Double Decker Playhouse
Image Credit: IKEAHackers

For Three Kids In One Room

#2 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

If you have three kids and you are short of space, then this Ikea Kura bed hack from Hilla Duka is going to work wonders for you.

It is a beautiful way to settle three kids in a single room.

IKEA Kura Bed three kids in one room hack
Image Credit: Hilla Duka

Princess Kura Bed Hack

#3 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

Transform your little princess’s bedroom into a magical place with this guide from One Little Imp.

It is a simple hack that makes the room look different from others. On top of that, you can create more space by removing the bed’s bottom paneling.

IKEA Kura bed princess hack
Image Credit: One Little Imp.

Sky Blue Finish

#4 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

This finish is personally one of my favorite IKEA Kura bed ideas.

The moment you see it, you will fall in love with the room. Kate Fisher Art has done outstanding work.

She has removed the side panels of the Kura bed that open up the boundaries.

IKEA Kura Bed sky blue color hack
Image Credit: Kate Fisher Art

Turn The Bed Into A Castle

#5 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

If your kid is into the castle and related things, then this design is a suitable match for them.

Comfy Dwelling has turned the simple IKEA Kura bed into a castle. I am pretty sure that you haven’t seen a thing like this before.

The most noticeable things here are those curtains, pennant flags, and of course, that slide.

IKEA Kura Bed Castle
Image Credit: Comfy Dwelling

Old School Elements

#6 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

Give your kids room an old school vibe with this black and white look.

The Kura bed’s woodwork has been painted into the white color that complements the room’s black and white look.

This article from Vtwonen explains in detail how to give your Kura bed and the whole room an old school look.

IKEA Kura Bed Black and White look
Image Credit: Vtwonen

Wallpaper Time

#7 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

This cute yellow wallpaper decoration for Kura bed is something I love a lot.

I can bet that you will like it as well.

Fru silver shows us hows to do it exactly. She has placed the bed in the corner, making it a cozy place to be.

The room looks bright and attractive with the wallpaper.

If you feel that this yellow color wallpaper doesn’t match your choice, you can change it to your liking.

Ikea Kura Bed wallpaper hack
Image Credit: Frusilver

Feel Like Being In A Forest

#8 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

If you want to give your kid’s room a forest-like theme, then this IKEA Kura bed hack is what you need to follow.

We found this idea on Style Squeeze and fell in love with it at the first impression.

This is a unique and fantastic way to hack to IKEA Kura bed. The aim here is to give the room a forest feel.

To achieve that, everything in the room has some elements of the forest.

This hack also adds space for one more person to sleep.

Check out the in detail guide on Style Squeeze

IKEA Kura Bed forest hack
Image Credit: Style Squeeze
IKEA Kura Bed forest hack
Image Credit: Style Squeeze

White & Pink Playhouse

#9 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

Here is another playhouse hack for IKEA Kura bed from IKEAHackers.

We already covered one playhouse hack but was not able to hold back from including this one as well.


Because this white & pink color combination makes it one of the best IKEA Kura bed ideas.

This hack helps you make a space to play under the bed and also that ladder is an excellent addition for extra storage.

IKEA Kura Bed playhouse hack
Image Credit: IKEAHackers

Cottage Bed

#10 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

This IKEA Cottage Kura bed hack is so pretty that you would wish that you can become a kid again to live in that.

Read the full guide here on Dream Design Repeat

IKEA Kura Bed cottage hack
Image Credit: Dream Design Repeat

Simple Bunk Bed

#11 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

If you have two kids and looking for nothing fancy but a simple way to save space for kids, then check out this bunk bed hack.

IKEAHackers gave this room a darker look, mostly gray and white color.

As mentioned earlier, this idea is an excellent way to space for other activities such as playing.

IKEA Kura Bunk Bed
Image Credit: IKEAHackers

Safari Bed Hack

#12 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

Give the room a safari feel with this IKEA Kura bed hack by Harlow & Thistle.

This is one of the simplest yet attractive IKEA Kura bed ideas you will find.

The point of attraction in this hack is the ball at the top.

To my surprise, Andrea made the ball herself, and she shows exact instructions on how to make it in her post.

Also, the design on the wall complements the look of the bed perfectly.

IKEA Kura Bed safari hack
Image Credit: Harlow & Thistle

Kura Bed Tent Makeover

#13 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

Turning the IKEA Kura bed into tent house?

Sound pretty cool! Right?

Now you can also turn your Kura bed into a tent house with this hack from More Like Home.

You will need the following stuff to get this done:

  • 5 yards quilting cotton fabric 
  • Thread
  • 1 yard 1″ elastic
  • Kura bed tent poles & hardware

The process is easy to follow if you do it with full concentration. 

Read the detailed guide on More Like Home.

IKEA Kura Bed tent house hack
Image Credit: More Like Home

A Little House On The Kura Bed

#14 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

Make your IKEA Kura bed a little house with this hack from Lovely Indeed.

You can decorate the little house over the bed in several different ways which make the hack highly customizable.

As mentioned on Lovely Indeed, you will need the following materials for this hack:

  • IKEA Kura bed
  • Sander
  • Wood stain and seal (optional)
  • 2×2 pine boards
  • Miter saw
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

It will take approximately four hours to complete this Kura bed makeover.

IKEA Kura Bed little house hack
Image Credit: Lovely Indeed

Kura Bed Climbing Wall

#15 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

Build a climbing wall Kura bed with this hack from IKEAHackers.

The bed consists of many outstanding features such as LED strip lighting underneath the bed, storage drawers etc. 

IKEA Kura Bed Climbing Wall Hack
Image Credit: IKEA Hackers

IKEA Kura Bed Lifeguard Station

#16 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

Here is a hack which I can bet will loved by every surf dude.

Every detail on this lifeguard station IKEA Kura bed hack is complete. It makes you feel like you are standing at an actual lifeguard station.

The top bunk area makes a great play area for the kids.

IKEA Kura Bed Lifeguard Station Hack
Image Credit: Pinimg

Kura Bed With Plywood Panels

#17 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

Give your IKEA Kura bed a clean look with this plywood panel hack from Tubu Kids.

The idea is easy to follow and recreate. It can be done by everybody, even if you don’t have any DIY experience. 

IKEA Kura Bed Plywood Panels Hack
Image Credit: Tubu Kids

Make Use Of Shower Curtains

#18 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

You can also use a standard fabric shower curtain to give your IKEA Kura bed a new look.

Those wooden shelves on the side are worth mentioning as they increase the charm of this Kura bed idea.

You can check out the full instructions for this hack on Ashbee Designs

IKEA Kura Bed shower curtain hack
Image Credit: Ashbee Design

Bund Bed With A Bookshelf

#19 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

You have already seen a bunch of IKEA Kura bed bunk bed hacks.

This one is also a part of them but has a slightly different look and feel. It is made by joining two bunks together and also includes a bookshelf at one end.

You can find detailed instructions on this hack on Love That Blue Sky Blog

IKEA Kura Bunkbed Hack
Image Credit: Love That Blue Sky Blog

A Full Tent Covered Kura Bed

#20 Out Of 20 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

The last one in our list is a fully covered IKEA Kura bed with a tent.

Desert Chica has used a Star Wars tent that looks marvellous. You can use the design of the tent according to your preference.

Full guide for this concept is available on Desert Chica

IKEA Kura bed tent house hack
Image Credit: Desert Chica
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