How To Organize A Desk Without Drawers? 7 Easy Tips

How To Organize A Desk Without Drawers

How to Organize a Desk Without Drawers

Desks are a vital part of any space. Whether it is a desk at your office or home, a well-organized desk looks better.

It is a proven fact that an organized place increases your productivity.

But sometimes, maintaining a desk may become difficult, especially when it doesn’t have any drawers. Organizing a desk with drawers is relatively easy than a desk without drawers.

You may often have to do some important work at the desk but couldn’t do it because of all the mess.

Then a question arises in your mind.

“How to organize a desk without drawers?”

That’s a common problem among many of us. I have also faced this problem a while ago until I figured out how to organize a desk without drawers.

Stay tuned, and I will show your seven effortless ways to organize your desk.

How To Organize A Desk Without Drawers?

By following the below five tips, you will have an organized and beautiful looking desk, that too, without drawers.

1. Use A Monitor Stand

A monitor stand is a great product to organize things on your desk without breaking your bank.

It will elevate your monitor to a certain height (which could be adjusted according to your needs), and you can use the space under the stand to store things like books, files etc.

Along with helping you with increased storage space, it will also give your desk a new and modern look.

Monitor stands are available in many sizes and designs on Amazon, so that you can get a perfect one for your monitor.

Use a monitor stand

2. Multi-Device Charging Station

Multi-device charging stations are an efficient way of cutting the cords on your desk.

As the name exhibits, it is a station that you can use to charge multiple devices at once. It will organize your devices neatly along with charging them.

You will find these charging stations made with different materials such as plastic and bamboo, giving you the options to choose the one that suits your desk more.

To read more about how to organize messy cables, read on guide on this.

multi-device charging station

3. Use The Wall Space

Your desk may not have drawers, but you can use the wall space to compensate for that. Using the wall space properly could give some unexpected results.

But can we really put the empty and dull wall space to some use?

Yes! Definitely.

You can turn those boring walls into something exciting and also use them to store your stuff.

Start with building shelves on your walls; they are a great way to store heavy stuff such as books or even plants for decoration.

If you are unable to build shelves, you can buy a wall organizer to do the same task.

use the wall space

4. Install A Side Rail

Now that you have used the wall area in front of you, what other spaces can you utilize the best?

You guessed it right! The space on the side of your table.

As shown by Maflingo, you can attach a wire to the side rim of the desk, and this wire can be used to hold up plastic containers filled with pens, pencils and other things of your choice.

install a side rail
Image Credit: Maflingo

5. Invest In Desk Organizers

If you have to keep many small items on the desk, then a desk organizer will come in handy.

Investing in a desk organizer will keep papers, pens, paperclips, and other small items in an orderly manner.

And you won’t have to wonder again that where did your pen go.

invest in desk organizers

6. Get A Keyboard Tray

A keyboard always takes a lot of desk space that could have used for many other things.

It is so true.

Keyboards are generally big in size, and they always get in our way of storing extra stuff. A keyboard tray is our savior in this case.

The tray gets installed on the front of the desk, and you can keep your keyboard on the tray.

get a keyboard tray

7. Keep Personal Items Away

The last tip on how to organize a desk without drawers is to keep your personal belongings away from the desk.

You may not even realize, but those small things pile up and create a mess all around the desk.

Rather than placing all your items on the desk, it would be best to have a designated place for storing your things.

keep personal items away

Final Thoughts

So the above steps are more than enough to make your desk neat and tidy. After following all the steps, your desk would get a new look.

Along with the tips mentioned above, you can also follow a few other simple steps.

You should avoid procrastination as it doesn’t allow you to clear the mess on your table. You always keep postponing the cleaning, and things keep getting worse.

Always have a proper designated space for every item. It helps you to grab things around your desk quickly.

You should always keep a trash can around your desk so that you don’t end up filling your table with garbage.

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