How To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden With Ivory Soap?

How To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden With Ivory Soap

How To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden With Ivory Soap

For most people, when rabbits are mentioned, there comes an image of a cute and fluffy animal; for children, it may be a cartoon character or rabbit carrying eggs in a basket.

But for a person who loves to grow and takes care of plants, it is frustrating to see rabbits destroying your plants.

Rabbits love to eat everything from broccoli to even bushes and trees.

Here’s an interesting fact about rabbits.

Although you can find rabbits worldwide, more than half of their population resides in North America.

There are several ways to get rid of rabbits from your garden, but we will show you how to keep rabbits out of your garden with ivory soap in this guide.

How To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden With Ivory Soap

Keeping rabbits out of the garden with ivory soap is an easy process. It is divided into four simple steps, which could be done with things already available at home.

1. Get A Grater

The first step to get a rabbit free garden is to get a grater. A cheap and straightforward grater would do the work here.

Ensure that the grater you are using for this purpose is not going to be used for cooking.

It would be best to use the old grater from your kitchen for this guide and get a new one for your kitchen.

get a grater

2. Grate the soap

The next step is to grate the soap into an airtight box. The best practice here is to grate the full bar of ivory soap into the container. You should only use ivory soap for this process as this soap is not toxic and would not harm your plants.

To prevent it from losing its smell, keep it sealed firmly. It is an essential step as this smell helps to keep the rabbits away.

Be cautious while grating the ivory soap to prevent cutting your fingers.

You can use gardening gloves for additional protection. 

grate the soap

3. Sprinke The Soap

Here comes the most awaited step, that is, to sprinkle the grated soap.

Carefully sprinkle the grated soap around the plants in your garden. You can sprinkle it on both edible as well as ornamental plants.

Make sure that you don’t miss any crucial spots.

After a short time, you will notice that rabbits who were damaging your plants are now vanishing.

But, eventually, this soap will get washed away by rain, which means you will have to sprinkle it once in a while.

4. Storing the Remains

The population of rabbits near you and your garden’s size decides the amount of soap that you need to use for this purpose.

Now, after you have finished the process and have any leftover soap, then you should store it in an airtight container.

Keep the soap in a cool and dry place.

This remaining soap could be used again if any of your plants need it.

Final Thoughts

We all love rabbits, and I understand that nobody wants to harm them. But you’ve got to protect your garden.

That is why we wrote this guide on how to keep rabbits out of your garden with ivory soap.

By following these four easy steps, you can save your garden from rabbits.

Did you try these steps?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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