How To Keep Furniture From Sliding

How To Keep Furniture From Sliding

Having a hardwood floor comes with many benefits, such as they have the most comprehensive choice when it comes to selection.

But on the other hand, hardwood floors have one major downside: slipping of furniture.

If you have a hardwood floor, then you must be familiar with this problem.

No matter how much you try to prevent your kids from jumping on the couch, you will always find your furniture moved from its original place.

You will not only have to reposition your furniture again, but it will also damage your floor.

So, how to keep furniture from sliding?

Keep on reading, and we will guide you through the simple and easy steps on how to keep furniture from sliding.

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How To Keep Furniture From Sliding

1. Rubber Pads

Rubber pads are one of the most inexpensive options to hold your furniture in its place. As the name depicts, rubber pads are grips made of rubber, which you can use to put under your furniture’s legs or base to prevent it from sliding.

Rubber pads are available in different colors and sizes so that you can choose the one which fits best for your furniture. Measure the area of your legs and choose the rubbers pads accordingly.

My favorite is these rubber pads from X-protector. They do their job perfectly and prevents furniture from moving. X-protector rubber pads are available on Amazon, and they come in a pack of 8 pieces.

Use Rubber Pads To prevent your furniture from sliding

Using rugs is the easiest way to tackle the problem of sliding furniture. We all use rugs at our homes, so adjusting them a little could make a lot of difference.

The fabric of the rug will prevent your furniture from sliding.

However, make sure that the rug that you are buying has stick padding on its bottom so that the rug itself doesn’t slip and can hold onto its position.

In a situation, if your favorite rug doesn’t come with stick padding, you can place it under a rug pad. A rug pad helps to keep rugs in their place. 

Use Rugs To prevent your furniture from sliding

3. Dust Your Floor

Dust is not only unpleasant to us, but it also contributes to the sliding of your furniture. If you have a hardwood floor, dust is a significant factor in furniture sliding.

You have to be dusting your house regularly every week or even earlier, depending on your situation.

Dust also reduces the power of products, which prevents the furniture from slipping, such as rubber grips. To make sure these products keep working correctly, they have to be dust-free.

All in all, dust severely impacts your furniture in terms of sliding, and you have to be on top of your dusting game. 

Dust Your Floor To prevent your furniture from sliding

4. Stop Blocks

Stop blocks are another way to help your furniture to stay in its place. They are more expensive as compared to rubber grips, but as an alternative, you can make your stop blocks by using wooden pieces.

The downside of using stocks is that they might damage your floor as they consist of hard materials.

Use stop blocks To prevent your furniture from sliding

Final Words

The one thing that you should always keep in mind is to ensure that your floor doesn’t get damaged. Whichever method you use from the above four on “how to keep furniture from sliding,” make sure you do it with utmost care.

Always keep your floor clean and take the proper measurements before using any products.

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