How To Keep Animals Out Of Garden Without Fence?

How To Keep Animals Out Of Garden Without Fence

How To Keep Animals Out Of Garden Without Fence

Are you the person who loves their garden and spends a lot of time managing it? Nothing is more frustrating than when animals enter your garden and ruin all your efforts.

Sometimes, no matter what you do, these animals will always find a way to enter your garden.

How do you tackle this problem?

Fencing is a great option to keep the big animals out.

But what about small animals like rabbits? And sometimes, there may not be enough resources to do the fencing.

That’s what we are going to help you with today.

Keep on reading, and we will show you how to keep animals out of garden without fence.

How To Keep Animals Out Of Garden Without Fence

You may be in love with both gardening and animals for a long time. Therefore, you would never want to harm animals to protect the garden.

So, it is vital to get rid of animals without hurting them.

1. Sprinkle Coffee

Sprinkling coffee grounds around your plants could work great for you. And, it is on the natural side too.

Just sprinkle a small number of coffee grounds around your plants.

It will help you to keep out cats, slugs and snails from your garden. It is because these small animals are not a fan of coffee grounds.

This will not cause damage to your plants or compost.

2. Get A Guard Pet

Investing your money in getting a guard dog is an excellent idea for keeping animals off your garden because animals are aware of other animals in the area.

Having a dog or cat in your house will be of great advantage as they will be easily scared by them.

However, this won’t be a good idea if predator critters like foxes are invading your lawn.

Make sure to train your dog to be a guard.

Untrained dogs are known sometimes to dig up plants in the garden.

If you prefer to have less mess in your house, then cats are a better option than dogs. With that said, everything has its advantages and disadvantages.

Hence, cats will scare smaller animals as compared to dogs.

Get a guard pet

3. Use Wire Cloches

Wire cloches are very useful when you have only a small group of plants that are being damaged.

Just in case you don’t know, wire cloches are little wired mesh covers which help to protect your plants. They work best for protection against rooted plants such as lettuce or broccoli.

They will work guard your plants from nibbling wildlife and curious cats with ease.

But the large animals can easily knock them.

They are available in different shapes and sizes on Amazon, which you can choose depending on your plant type.

Use Wire Cloches

4. Try Repellents

Plant repellents are a smart solution to keep away animals. They are a reasonable way to prevent a particular type of creatures coming into your lawn.

Plant repellents can be classified into types, which are, natural and artificial. 

Natural animal repellents include:

  • Garlic clippings
  • Pepper spray
  • Neem oil spray
  • Castor oil
  • Soapy water

Artificial animal repellents include:

  • Chemical sprays
  • Ultrasonic sounds
artificial animal repellents

5. Alternative Food Sources

The main reason that animals come into your garden is that they don’t have sufficient food for them.

In case critters don’t have enough food in their natural environment, they will eat almost any food they find, this includes the food they usually don’t eat.

The solution to this is to place food at other places which are away from your garden.

You should use this method strategically as if you place more than required food; it may attract more animals instead of getting rid of them.

You should note down the number of critters that wander around your garden to get a more reliable estimation.

Keeping a balance is the best choice here.

alternative food sources

6. Repellent Plants

There are certain plants that have a strong smell which a few animals tend to avoid.

By using these plants, they may help you to keep off the critters. These plants include thyme, chives, mint, tansy, artemisia, yarrow and chives.

7. Human Hair

Animals such as rodents and rabbits hate the smell of human hair. Sprinkling unwashed hair around your plants could help keep away animals away.

For an increased effect, you should tie nylon or cheesecloth bags loaded with unwashed hair on branches of the tree.

Final Thoughts

The above points should have answered your question of how to keep animals out of garden without fence.

Every method is different from the other one.

It all depends on your specific situation, and use the suitable method accordingly.

For me using natural repellents has worked wonders.

Which one worked the best for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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