How To Hang Garland Around Door

How To Hang Garland Around Front Door

How To Hang Garland Around Door

Garlands are an evergreen decoration for Christmas as they give an extraordinary look to a house.

It instantly makes the atmosphere surrounded by the holiday spirit.

You can find garlands available in all shapes and sizes.

Hanging garlands proper could be a tedious task sometimes, especially when you haven’t done this before.

In this guide, we will help you with how to hang garland around front door.

Keep on reading to find the easiest way to hang the garlands. 

How To Hang Garland Around Front Door: With Nails

The post is divided into two ways to hang garlands, that are:

  1. How to hang garland around front door: with nails
  2. How to hang garland around front door: without nails

Let’s start with the first one. 

Hammer The Nails Into Door

In this method, we will use nails to hang the garland around the front door.

You need to careful while hammering nails into the door because it may cause damage to the door. This may split the wood of your door.

Because of split wood, the moisture will come in, which will further result in rotting.

Start by hammering nails on the border of your door. The recommend gap that you should keep between each nail is 12 in.

Take 1–2 in nails according to the thickness of your door. Also, ensure that the head of the nails is large to prevent garland from slipping.

Avoid hammering the nails fully into the door and go only by hammering them half.

Hammer The Nails

Or Use The Stonework

If your door has stonework around it, consider hanging it around the door’s frame by placing nails within the grout.

Doing so will likely decrease the damage to your door.

You can use a drill for effective drilling.

While the door holes are not easy to hide, they can be treated with grout in the stonework.

How To Hang Garland Around Door

Hang The Garland

Now comes the time to hang the garland.

But before that, you need to wind a wire around the garland to help it hang on the nails.

Leave a loose piece at the head of the garland.

This loose piece will be used to hang the garland.

Then hang this wire around each nail (that you earlier hammered around the door).

To make sure that the garland doesn’t fall off, test it by opening and closing the door a few times. It should be supported.

Hang the garlands

How To Hang Garland Around Front Door: Without Nails

As mentioned earlier, the above method may damage your door as you will put nails into your door.

But there is an alternative to that.

Let’s move on to how to hang garland around front door without using nails.

Use Removable Adhesive Hooks

Similarly to what we did in the first method, instead of nails, now put adhesive hooks on the front door with 12 in the gap.

Now let the hooks get bonded to the door.

After you see that the hooks are bonded, wire wrap the garland and put it on the hooks.

Hooks are a great way to hang garland without damaging your door as they are easy to remove when you no longer need them.

Use Removable Adhesive Hooks


Both methods are great for hanging the garlands around your door.

But using adhesive hooks prevents damage to your door.

Which one do you guys use to hang the garland?

Let us know in the comments below.

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