How To Hang A Tapestry From The Ceiling?

How To Hang A Tapestry From The Ceiling?

how to hang a tapestry from the ceiling

We always look for new ways to decorate our rooms and using tapestry is one of the best ideas to do so.

Tapestry is an excellent decoration piece as it adds that colorful vibe to your room.

You may already have a lot of tapestries on your room walls.

If you want to get creative with your interior designing skills, you can hang the tapestry from the ceiling. Hanging it on the ceiling is also useful when you are not allowed to put a nail in the walls.

But you may be wondering how to hang a tapestry from the ceiling?

That’s what we are going to help you with today.

Keep on reading, and I will guide you on how to hang a tapestry from the ceiling. 

How To Hang A Tapestry From The Ceiling?

Before starting, you will need the following things to get the work done perfectly:

1. Select The Tapestry

To start with, select the tapestry that you would like to hang on the ceiling.

A piece of soft, textured fabric makes a great option.

Nonetheless, I would suggest you select the one which complements your personality. 

Select the tapestry

2. Measure The Dimensions

Now measure the dimensions of the tapestry that you select or you will be able to find them somewhere on the product packaging.

Then measure and match the required space on the ceiling.

how to hang a tapestry from the ceiling

3. Strip Of Hooks

The next step is to cut four (minimum) strips of hook and loop fastener that are of the same size as the dimensions measured earlier.

Every strip of hook and loop fastener has its two parts.

Make sure that hook and loop strips are connected to each other.

4. Stick The Tapestry

Use the hot glue to stick the strips of hook and loop fastener over the tapestry’s width.

Start at one edge and move your way to the other one.

Make sure that there is even space between the strips.

If you have a larger tapestry, you will need more strips. These strips will ensure that the tapestry gets held to its place.

5. Mount The Ladder

Take the ladder and bring along the tapestry and hot glue gun to reach one step closer on how to hang a tapestry from the ceiling.

6. Apply The Tapestry

The last step is what you have been waiting for. You can now stick the tapestry from one side on the ceiling and move slowly to the other end.

If you want the tapestry to hold tighter, you can apply the hot glue on the back of the first hook and loop strip.

Then apply hot glue to every hook one by one until tapestry gets flat against the ceiling.

Alternative Way To Hang Tapestry On The Ceiling

Apart from the above method on how to hang a tapestry from the ceiling, you can also use magnets to hang the tapestry to the ceiling.

Step 1 – Mark the position on the ceiling to place the magnets.

Step 2 – Mount the magnets at every area that you marked.

Step 3 – Now place the tapestry against the magnet by putting the opposing parts over the magnets. These magnets will act as glue.

This method is easy and will allow you to switch between the tapestries easily.

Final Words

That’s it; you have now completed all the step on how to hang a tapestry from the ceiling.

Now is the time to appreciate all the work that you have done and enjoy your new tapestry 😍

What type of tapestry do you like the most?

Let us know in the comments.

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