How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Kitchen Cabinets?

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Kitchen Cabinets

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen might be the favourite place for you, AS WELL AS FOR COCKROACHES.

That’s correct; cockroaches love staying in the kitchen.

But why so?

That’s because your kitchen has everything cockroaches need to survive: Food, water and shelter.

Sometimes it may feel like that cockroaches are the residents of your kitchen. Anytime you go to the kitchen, you will always see them running around.

Removing cockroaches from your kitchen cabinets may be difficult, but not impossible.

You just need to use the correct methods.

Whenever you see a cockroach in your kitchen, you shouldn’t ignore it. It’s not alone; many more will follow.

So, how to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets?

We will show you six easy steps to do so. 

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Kitchen Cabinets

Cockroaches love to hide in the kitchen cabinets because they usually are out of reach there.

Most of the times, you just put your utensils or other belongings in the cabinets and leave them there. That’s what it makes them a great place to stay without you going after them frequently.

1. Declutter And Sanitize Your Cabinets

Start the process by decluttering and sanitizing your cabinets.

Most of us ignore cleaning the cabinets. There may be a lot of crumbs, food particles and debris in your shelves.

Wipe down every cabinet, removing all these particles.

Now analyze your cabinets.

There will be a lot of stuff that you don’t require and is just sitting there. There may even some type of food items that you haven’t used for months.

Sometimes we buy more things than required. This habit clutters our kitchen cabinets.

By doing so, you will decrease the hiding places for cockroaches. 

Declutter And Sanitize Your Cabinets

2. Extermination Spray

Now that you have taken out all the things from your kitchen cabinets, its time to use the extermination spray.

Using it in kitchen corners and cabinets is an effective method to get rid of cockroaches.

Before starting, make sure that your cabinets are empty.

Extermination spray contains harmful chemicals, which could be dangerous if mixed with food.

3. Borax Powder

Another good option for getting rid of cockroaches in your kitchen cabinets is using borax powder.

This method is straightforward to use.

First, use the borax powder to clean your cabinets and then sprinkle it in your kitchen cabinets.

You will notice a significant difference in reduction in the number of cockroaches.

4. Indian Bay Leaves

Indian bay dried leaves is one of the best natural ways to get rid of cockroaches in your cabinets.

The flavour of these leaves is intolerable for cockroaches.

You just need to make some powder of these leaves and place it in the corner of your kitchen cabinets regularly. It will not kill the cockroaches but keep them out. 

Indian bay leaves

5. Cucumbers

Another natural way to keep cockroaches off your kitchen cabinets is by using cucumbers.

You may be wondering how cucumbers can do so?

They can, and that too, very easily.

Take some cucumber skin and put it in an aluminium can. Together these two will make some reaction and vapour a smell which will eliminate the cockroaches.

6. Black pepper, onion and garlic paste

The last method in our list is making a paste of black peppers, onion and garlic.

After making the paste, mix it with one litre of water.

Now spray this liquid in all your kitchen cabinets and other kitchen areas. Cockroaches will get away quickly.

Black pepper, onion and garlic paste

Final Thoughts

So there are both artificial and chemical methods to get rid of cockroaches.

Both methods work well, but I would suggest using natural methods as compared to the chemical ones.

This is because your kitchen will have a lot of food items and you don’t want them to get mixed.

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