How To Fix Worn Spots On Kitchen Cabinets In The Easiest Way

How To Fix Worn Spots On Kitchen Cabinets

how to fix worn spots on kitchen cabinets

What is the first thing that you notice when you enter a kitchen?

For most people, it would be kitchen cabinets. Cabinets make or break the look of a kitchen.

But over time, the look of cabinets gets worn because of wear and tear.

The kitchen cabinets are used more than any other cabinets in the house. That is why it is vital to keep them clean and organized.

Nobody is a fan of those worn spots on the kitchen cabinets. So how to fix worn spots on kitchen cabinets?

Read on, and we help you to make your kitchen cabinets shiny like the new ones.

How To Fix Worn Spots On Kitchen Cabinets?

Before you start the process, make sure to wear a mask because you will work with chemicals, and some people are allergic to them.

You need to have the following tools to get started:

1. Take Off The Handles

The first step is to remove hinges and handles, which will make the cleaning easy. Use the screwdriver to do so.

Remember to keep them organized at one side so that none of them gets misplaced.

Now remove the oil or grease from the cabinets by using the clean rag. Use the mineral spirits along with the clean rag to remove the residue.

Next, wet the rag and use it to clean up the oil or grease thoroughly.

take off the handles

2. Sanding The Cabinets

To sand off the cabinets smoothly, you will need 220 grit sandpaper. Fold the sandpaper sheets in ¼ and use it to rub on the wood cabinets’ grain.

Do it entirely until the surface of the cabinets becomes smooth.

To improve the indentation of the cabinets, place your fingers between the moldings of sandpaper. 

sanding the cabinets

3. Remove The Dust

The next thing is to remove the dust from the kitchen cabinets.

Wipe all the cabinets so that it gets a smooth touch.

4. Apply Stain Products

Now its time to do the magic with a touch-up pen.

Use it to draw over scratches on your kitchen cabinets and allow it to dry. Make sure the color mixes well and looks natural.

If there is slight discoloration, that shouldn’t be a problem because it is mostly unnoticeable.

apply stain products

5. Use The Combination

Now combine both polyurethane and stain product.

Stir both the products well to make sure that they have decently combined with settling the pigmentation when it is sitting for a long time.

There should be no pigmentation left in the box.

6. Finish Product

In the last, paint the molds and trim of the cabinet.

Also, apply the finished product and stain to the smooth areas of your kitchen cabinet. Coat it once and wait for it to dry.

When it gets dried, apply the finishing coat.


Now that you have got an easy method on how to fix worn spots on kitchen cabinets, use it, and your kitchen will feel like a new one.

Nobody wants to work in a dull kitchen, so keeping the kitchen clean is essential, and one should do it regularly.

What was your experience with this spots removal method?

Let us know in the comments below.

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