How To Clean A Window Air Conditioner Without Removing It?

how to clean a window air conditioner without removing it

Are you trying to clean your window air conditioner? Window air conditioners need to be cleaned regularly to keep them working correctly.

However, there are specific ways to clean them, and you just can’t clean them in any way you like.

Windows air conditioners a big and bulky, which makes it tough to remove them.

So you might be thinking about how to clean a window air conditioner without removing it?

And in today’s post, I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

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Things You Need To Start

Before proceeding further, here are the things that you will need to start cleaning:

How To Clean A Window Air Conditioner Without Removing It?

You don’t need to hire an expert to clean the window air conditioner without removing it since it is not hard to do it.

There are different ways to clean the window air conditioner, and it depends on how often you clean it.

You can clean it daily or monthly.

There will be more work involved if you decide to clean it monthly.

Let’s discuss both ways.

Cleaning The Window Air Conditioner Daily

Here is the procedure to clean your window air conditioner daily without removing it:

  • To start with, take a spray bottle and fill it with hydrogen peroxide. Make sure to turn off the air conditioner. Now spray it on the unit gently. Also, remember to wear a mask so that you don’t inhale the hydrogen peroxide.

  • Now let the air conditioner get dried before you turn it on. It would be best if you clean at a time when you don’t use the air conditioner so that it gets ready when you want to use it. Verify that it has completely dried using it.

  • If you notice that spraying hydrogen peroxide didn’t clean it, you should consider deep cleaning the air filters. To do so, take out the filters and spray hydrogen peroxide on them. Alternatively, you can use a dampened towel. Now put the air filter back in its position and let it dry. Don’t turn on the air conditioner if it is wet, as it could damage the unit.
Cleaning The Window Air Conditioner Daily

Cleaning The Window Air Conditioner Monthly

Monthly cleaning steps need to be done with more focus, and they take more time than daily cleaning steps.

  • The first step is to have a look at the filter. You can access the filter by removing the front panel of the air conditioner. You find that there are screws or tabs attached to the front panel. Mostly, filters are placed in the slot inside the unit. If you need a detailed guide on this, reading the owner’s manual would help. 
  • Now that you have figured out how to remove the filter, take a towel and dip it into a soap solution made with detergent and water. Then wipe the filter with this solution and place the filter under the running water. If the filter has more dirt, then you can use a vacuum.
  • Let the filter dry completely before putting back into its position. You can use a towel to wipe the excess water or shake off the filter. This step is essential because a wet filter can cause damage to your air conditioner.
  • If you see that the filter has now worn out, consider replacing it with a new one. Filters are different for every brand, so double check before buying.
Cleaning The Window Air Conditioner Monthly

If you need more assistance, here is a video depicting the whole process.

Benefits Of Cleaning Air Conditioner Regularly

You would not want to replace your air conditioner unit every year and want it to last for many years. Cleaning your air conditioner regularly helps to do so.

There are even more benefits associated with regular cleaning of air conditioners.

Here are all the benefits that you will enjoy.

Clean Air

Along with maintaining your indoors cool and calm, a well clean air conditioner also keeps the air clean. A dirty filter will not be able to filter all the dirt and other particles. It will also become a breeding ground for fungi, germs, bacteria and mould to grow.


Window air conditioners consume a high amount of electricity. Having a dirty unit will make things even worse because the system has to push itself to perform through all the dirt build-ups. Cleaning your air conditioner regularly will save your money on electrical bills.

More Life

Regular cleaning of your air conditioner will ensure that it lasts for many years. If you keep using the air conditioner without cleaning, it will cause many problems, such as experiencing overheating bouts as the coils would not release heat.


If you keep your air conditioner clean, its overall efficiency will improve. You will see improved performance and having to repair it less often.

Final Words

If you follow the above methods on how to clean a window air conditioner without removing it, you will find it easy.

As discussed earlier, cleaning your window air conditioner has a lot of benefits.

Not taking proper care of your unit will decrease its life, and it will also become a burden on your wallet.

How often do you clean your air conditioner?

Let us know in the comments below. 

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