How Long Does Plumbers Putty Take To Dry? Expert’s Opinion

How Long Does Plumbers Putty Take To Dry?

How Long Does Plumbers Putty Take To Dry

Plumber’s putty is a quick solution to fix your leaking faucets, sinks, etc. It is a primary tool that you can find in any plumbers bag or even in many houses.

Plumber’s putty can be easily applied by everybody as no professional skills are required.

But there comes one question in many people’s minds: how long does plumbers putty take to dry?

Keep on reading, and today we will answer this and a few more questions related to plumber’s putty. 

What Is Plumber's Putty?

Plumber’s putty is a soft and flexible sealant used for plumbing purposes.

Plumber’s mostly use it for fixing and installing faucets, valves, sinks, and drain pipes. It is easy to use, and no professional skills are required to use it.

It works the same as like bandage in the first aid kit.

What Is Plumber's Putty Made Of?

Plumber’s putty is made from two primary components, which are, linseed oil and powdered clay. You will find these two elements in almost every plumber putty.

However, you may find fish oil, limestone, talc and epoxy sealants in some high-end formulations.

What Is Plumber's Putty Used For?

Before moving to our main question, which is how long does plumbers putty take to dry, let’s discuss what are the uses of plumber’s putty.

Plumber’s putty can be used for many different purposes which include:

  • Helps in installing the sink in your bathroom and kitchen.
  • Used as a sealant to stop water leakage from faucets.
  • Used to fix water leakages through sanitary and drainage pipes.
  • Assists in making bathroom’s and kitchen’s fixtures.
  • It can also be used for sealing fuel tanks.
What Is Plumber's Putty Used For?

How Long Does Plumbers Putty Take To Dry?

Now’s the time to answer the most asked question about plumber’s putty.

That is, how long does plumbers putty take to dry?

Of course, we didn’t want to digress.

This question is the most important part of our discussion, but we also integrated other relevant information to this post.

Being patient is vital after apply plumber’s putty because it takes considerable time to dry. 

Plumber’s putty takes considerable time to dry. In the majority of the cases, it takes many hours to dry. There is no fixed time for that we can say precisely because it depends on every situation.

Nonetheless, here are a few steps to make sure that it dries fully:

  • When applied to a base of a faucet, you should wait for a couple of hours to use the faucet again.
  • This is to give it time to begin drying.
  • You should lookout for a few hours on the plumber’s putty.
  • At this stage, if you see, it looks moist, allow it some more time to dry.
  • Apply some more putty, just in case if you think it needs more.
  • Now the plumber’s putty should be dry and fixed the leak.

How To Use Plumber's Putty Properly?

Now that you know how long does plumbers putty take to dry, here are five steps to ensure the proper usage of plumber’s putty.

Clean The Area

Before applying the plumber’s putty, clean the area that you are going to work on by using a clean and damp cloth.

It is vital to clean the area because they may be some small particles of dirt which can’t be seen through human eyes. These particles may become a hindrance in the smooth application of the putty, which will result in leakage.

Apply The Heat

Using the heat is crucial to ensure the smooth application of the putty. Trying to use hard putty is a challenging task.

Rub your hands together or use a radiator to them and then roll the matter for some minutes.

If you skip this step, the process may become difficult for you.

Make The Shape Of A Snake

The next step is to mould the putty in the shape of a snake. Think of it as you were moulding a lump of clay. Make sure the texture is smooth.

If possible, roll it into the size of the fitting which you are going to seal.

Apply The Putty

Now gently put the putty into a ring to match the faucet fixture’s or drain’s circumference. Then put the fixture or drain into its desired position to make sure that you get the firm fix and lessen the chances of leakage.

Also, clean the excess putty that may have ooze out while applying. If you don’t remove it immediately after applying, it will become hard and will be difficult to remove later.

Let It Dry

As discussed earlier in how long does plumbers putty take to dry section, wait for several hours to let it dry.

When Should You Not Use Plumber's Putty?

You may now be wondering where not use the plumber’s putty. That’s what exactly we are going to tell you.

There is a simple answer to this question.

Don’t use plumbers putty on any place that requires adhesive strength.

When Should You Not Use Plumber's Putty

More FAQ's Related To Plumber's Putty

Using plumber’s putty underwater is not recommended because it will not be able to create a tight bond. It is ideal to use on faucets, sinks and drains.

Yes, you can use too much putty in one place. The excess putty will squeeze out when you tighten the parts. You can collect and store the squeezed out putty to use it again.

I would recommend you to buy plumber’s putty from Amazon. The putty is available from many trusted brands on Amazon.

Use of plumber’s putty on plastic is not recommended as it will lose its durability over time.


By now, you may have got an answer to your questions related to plumber’s putty, including “how long does plumbers putty take to dry.”

Plumber’s putty can be used to fix a variety of things.

For what purpose do you plumber’s putty?

Drop a comment and let us know.

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