How Long Does Carpet Last? Signs That You Need To Replace It

How Long Does Carpet Last? Signs That You Need To Replace It

How Long Does Carpet Last

If you have decided to have the carpet installed in your home or office, you must have some idea as to how long does carpet last.

You also have to figure out the cost of having it done.

When deciding on the type of carpet you want to have installed you should take into consideration how long it will last, its maintenance, and repair costs as well as the amount of traffic it will get.

You should know as much about the types of carpet available before you make your decision so that you can make an informed one.

Keep on reading and we will guide you through types of carpet and how long does carpet last.

Types Of Carpet

There are three types of carpet you can have installed in your home or office.

The first one is a carpet made of natural fibres such as nylon or wool. The second one is a carpet made from synthetic fibres such as polyester. The third type is a combination of both nylon and polyester.

The fibre you choose for your house depends on the climate where you live since nylon and polyester carpets keep dust and dampness at bay while polyester tends to hold it.

Now let’s move on to how long does carpet last.

How Long Does Carpet Last?

While there isn’t a definitive answer to this question, the carpet’s condition and the way it’s used are among the most important factors that could potentially make a big difference to the homeowner. High-quality carpets will last up to ten years or more.

The term “carpet lifespan” can mean different things to different people. 

In general, however, it refers to how long the carpet itself can remain intact without requiring any special care or attention. 

Carpets that are kept clean and dry are generally considered to be in good condition. Those that are heavily used and allowed to become dirty tend to lose their resilience and strength. If this happens, it becomes necessary to revitalize the carpet’s appearance and maintain its durability.

A carpet in an empty bedroom would probably last longer than one in an office building with a very high footfall quotient.

Likewise, a carpet with heavy traffic would indeed be worn out sooner than a carpeted home. The type of traffic a particular carpet is exposed to has a lot to do with how long a carpet lasts. 

If the carpet does not regularly tread upon, it’ll be able to stay looking great for quite a while.

Some people are of the opinion that how long does carpet last depend solely on how well cared for it is. Though true in some cases, this isn’t the case all the time. 

Carpets are exposed to all types of weather, including sun, rain, and dust. If you want your carpet to retain its color or to remain intact for a long time without fading, then you need to take proper care of it.

Signs That You Need to Replace a Carpet

Following are the signs that you need to replace your carpet.

1. Odours

When a room in your home starts to develop unpleasant odours, such as mildew or cigarette smoke, then you most likely need to replace your carpet. The foul odour comes from pet stains, which usually show up after a cat has been using the carpet for a while.

Also, food, such as garlic, onions, or steak tartare, will leave a musty odour on the carpet. In addition, cigarette smoke can sink into the fibres and produce musty-like smells. All of these things contribute to the low quality of the air in the home.

2. Cleanliness

Also, look at how the area is cleaned. If you see dirty spots or stains on the carpet, these are actually evidence of improper cleaning methods. For example, if dirt is lifted with a vacuum and then left to dry on the carpet’s surface, it will create a musty odour.

Similarly, if someone sprays cleaning chemicals over an area and leaves them to dry on the surface, these chemicals will also cause staining.

It is essential only to use cleaners that are recommended for carpets and to follow instructions carefully.

3. Holes

Another sign that you need to replace a carpet in a home is the emergence of holes around a carpet.

You may notice areas of loose carpet in a room where there used to be carpet. Look closely at the furniture as well. Many people who suffer from allergies are unable to wear curtains to block out these areas.

Instead, they will wear blankets that cover the gaps in their rooms to prevent dust mites and allergens from entering.

4. Animal Feces

If you suspect that the padding underneath your carpet has been affected by animal urine or feces, you will need to replace the padding. There may be areas of the padding that has been eaten away.

Look for signs of mildew in the carpet that has not been adequately taken care of. If the damage is recent, you may be able to find replacement padding at the store.

5. Chewing

If you have children or pets, then you know that they will chew on things. The chewing may not seem harmful initially, but the problem can cause severe damage to the carpet.

One of the signs that you need to replace a carpet is if your pet is continuously biting the carpet’s legs.

This type of damage can easily lead to the entire carpet being destroyed.

6. Spills

Other signs that you need to replace a carpet involves spills. Spills must be cleaned up immediately, or the fibres will end up in the carpet fibres.

How To Make Carpet Last Long?

After finding out how long does carpet last, now it’s time to help you increase the life of your carpet.

If you want to add more life to your carpet or live in a very humid area where water easily stains and wears carpet, it would be wise to install a high-quality carpet.

To avoid fading, you should clean your carpet at least once every month. You can use carpet cleaning products, which are available from department stores or home improvement shops.

It’s also essential to avoid placing heavy items on your carpets, such as books and boxes.

Heavy objects can cause your carpet to become marked and stained, making it more difficult for you to clean.

You should also avoid wearing shoes around the house and keeping your pets away from your home as much as possible.


Final Words

There are different ways to make your house look nicer without spending too much money, including cleaning your carpets.

It might seem like an unnecessary investment, but you should always remember that your carpet is the first thing that your visitors see when they come over.

In fact, if your house looks very nice without any carpets, then it’s probably because you’re trying to sell your home.

Carpets bring life into a house, so you need to be responsible enough to take care of them.

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