Best Vacuum for Shag Carpet in 2021

Best Vacuums for Shag Carpet

We all love having the soft and soothing pile rugs in our home and office place, right? Since these are deep pile rugs that consist of long-haired fibres, these are one of the most soothing and soft carpets. Hence, it’s obvious for anyone to desire and invest in such shaggy carpets for their living space. Besides, they’re not just highly soothing to touch but also eye-catching in their outlook.

This quality makes such carpets high in demand. We’re guessing you also have one that you adore, especially while walking barefoot.

However, anyone having a shag carpet would know that just as much as these are soothing and attractive, the struggle of cleaning them is also undeniable challenging.

What can you do at times like these? Well, only using a suitable vacuum for shag carpets can save you here. But the struggle of finding the best vacuum for shag carpet isn’t even easy to overcome.

That doesn’t mean that you have to start worrying because we have you covered with the best options below.

So without further ado, let’s go ahead and discover the best vacuum for shag carpet.

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Best Vacuum For Shag Carpet

Here is our list of five best vacuum cleaner for shag carpet.

If you often find your shag caret’s long-haired fibres dirty and dusted, it’s time to deep clean them. With this, the Whirlwind Canister Vacuum offers you an efficient deep clean provided by its integrated airflow feature.

Cleaning can often be daunting when you look for heavy vacuum cleaners. Hence, the better option is to look for a vacuum that is light to carry and use. This vacuum solves the problem.

With its weight being less than 8 pounds, even your young ones can use it to clean your favourite carpet.

Usage ease can also be necessary when you’re running late or can’t manage with technical settings. That is why; this Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister Cleaner gives you just that much usage ease. This feature helps to make your cleaning task fast – no matter how dirty that shag carpet may seem.

It also comes with a 3L dust container that leaves the need to invest in more filters/bags.

The BISSEL 2316C CleanView Vacuum is also the perfect tool to clean your shag carpet. What makes this a lot more efficient and reliable is the triple action working. This feature includes a powerful pickup with brush roll + scatter-free technology. Hence, you are sure to get a deeply cleaned and clear shag carpet afterward.

When it comes to cleaning around furniture and obstacles, it’s hard to figure out how to vacuum deep pile carpet effectively. Yet, to help you here, this vacuum cleaner smoothly cleans edges and corners. So there’s no need to move the furniture for proper carpet cleaning.

Once you complete cleaning your favourite carpet, it’s time to empty the dirt bin. But the good thing about this vacuum is that it has comfortable bottom-placed dirt bins. This addition makes the emptying process completely mess-free.

This vacuum weighs around 5.67 kg. It also comes along with a turbo brush and other dusting/crevice tools.

This lightweight vacuum serves as another option for the best vacuum for shag carpet. What makes this best is the versatile switching feature of this vacuum. You can quickly transform it into a handheld vacuum to clean the ceiling. Similarly, switch it for use on the floor and shag carpet.

It is also effortless to switch the settings of this vacuum from hard floor to vacuum. It’s due to the presence of the fingertip controls. Hence, it’s easier and smarter to switch between settings.

Another massive benefit of this vacuum is that you can choose between dual storage options. So when you switch the vacuum, you can also change the storage option. Additionally, its swivel steering also adds more to the ease of cleaning caret around furniture.

It is weighed 9 pounds and has a corded electric power source.

The Dibea 600W Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner is also an excellent option for the best vacuum for shag carpet. A great benefit that comes along with this best option is that it is budget-friendly.

Moreover, the 18kpa powerful suction of this stick vacuum cleaner ensures powerful cleaning. It is also a lightweight option being only 4.6 lbs.

Additionally, the swivel switching makes it easier to clean your shag carpet from the corners of furniture too. It also offers five different height adjustment options, which helps anyone to easily clean.

You also get an advanced HEPA filtration system that spins all the dust from the motor away. This feature keeps you from facing allergies while cleaning your shaggy carpet.

The addition of equipped LED in this vacuum also makes it easier to clean the dark areas.

To get rid of the corded vacuum cleaning struggle, you can use this Tineco Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. The vacuum is lightweight (being only 2.87 lbs.), cordless, and easy to maneuver body. All these things combine to make this one of the best vacuum for shag carpet.

Its brushless quiet motor offers powerful suction, ensuring that your shaggy carpet is deep-cleaned. Additionally, the detachable lithium battery delivering 10-25 runtimes also makes it last longer.

This vacuum also includes a flexible brush head that makes it easier to reach the smallest of corners and clean them. You also get a dual-charging-wall-mounted dock with this vacuum. This storage and charging space makes it easier to store the vacuum and three other accessories conveniently.


Cleaning shag carpet requires a vacuum cleaner that can do its job smoothly and without getting obstructed. Considering that, our models mentioned above are enough to meet your shag carpet cleaning needs.

So go ahead and choose the best one for yourself.

 It’s time you bring back that shag carpet’s attractive look by cleaning it effectively.

Happy Cleaning!

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