5 Best Sofa Covers For Dog Hair

Best Sofa Covers For Dog Hair

best sofa covers for dog hair

A new pet addition to your family means more chaos in your house. We all love our dogs, and it is hard to stay away from them. But at times, it becomes frustrating that all your dog’s hairs are ruining the sofas and make your room messy.

Along with hairs, your dog may bring other things such as mud or dirt, which will further ruin your sofa. A sofa cover is all that you need to protect your sofas from dog hair.

A sofa cover is essential if your dog sheds excessively. Whether you want to watch a movie or take a quick nap along with your dog on the sofa, you won’t have to worry about your couches getting ruined.

Let’s move forward with the best sofa covers for dog hair. 

Best Sofa Covers For Dog Hair

Transform the look of your living room with this beautiful and stylish sofa cover. The cover is available in nine different colors to complement the existing decor of your room.

I tested this cover for about two weeks with heavy usage. The results turned out as expected, and it worked great. It protected my sofa from dog hairs perfectly. The only drawback that I found was that the cover is not waterproof, so you would have to wash it every time you spill something on it immediately. 

The Mighty Monkey sofa cover is reversible so that you can have two different looks with just one sofa cover. You can choose from ten different sizes depending on the size of your sofa.

Sofa Shield is one of the most trusted names in furniture covers market, and this sofa cover from Sofa Shield is no exception.

You will feel the fantastic quality of this sofa cover the moment you take it out of the box. The cover had a premium feel on it. The thread count of this sofa cover is higher as compared to most of the other sofa covers out there, which makes it comfortable and gives you an extra relaxed feel.

Sofa Shield makes sure that their cover matches the furniture of your house, that’s why they have given more than 20 color options. The strap of this cover is 2 inches thick, which helps to hold the cover in its place perfectly. 

The next one in our list of best sofa covers for dog hair is from OstepDecor. These sofa covers are divided into small sections to give your house a more modern look. OstepDecor sofa covers are designed exceptionally with high-quality velvet fabric material, which feels very smooth to touch.

The anti-slip backing of this cover makes sure that it stays firmly in its place. You can buy separate pieces for different sections of your couches. 

Unlike other covers that you have to wash in the machine after spilling something on them, this sofa cover from Mambe is different from them. The Mambe sofa cover is made of 100% waterproof materials to give your full peace of mind. The soft membrane on both sides of the cover is fully waterproof.

The usage of high-quality materials in this cover make sure that it would last for many years. The cover is very soft and comfortable, which your dog would like very much. Unfortunately, Mambe sofa cover doesn’t perform great on polished and slippery surfaces like leather. Nevertheless, it is one of the best sofa covers for dog hair.

Give your home a more refined look with this Rose Home sofa cover. The attractive colors of this sofa cover make it look more enjoyable.

It does not have any straps, but the cover is easy to secure in one place without any difficulties, thanks to its slip-resistant materials. The velvet material is exceptionally comfortable and machine washable.

Best Sofa Covers For Dog Hair - Buyer's Guide

It would be best if you consider the following factors while a sofa cover for dog hair.

Size – The first thing that you should check is the size of your couch, and the cover that you are going to buy for it should be the same. Having a smaller size cover will make it difficult for you to cover the whole sofa, and your sofa will not be fully protected.

Material – Having a sofa cover that is made of good stuff is significant. The cover should be durable enough to protect your sofa from all the scratches and other possible damages. If the material is not secure enough, then it could be easily torn by the claws and paws of your pet. Additionally, if the cover that you are going to buy has waterproof layering, then it would be best.

Slip-resistant – The sofa cover is not of much use if it can’t stay firmly in its place. Consider buying a sofa that remains in its place. The strap of the cover should be strong enough to withstand a movement your dog makes on the cover. If the cover doesn’t have straps, verify that the base of the cover is slip-resistant.

Design – Ideally, you want to purchase a sofa cover that complements the design of your home decor. Nobody wants a cover that doesn’t match the style of furniture in their room. If your dogs shed a lot of hair, you can match the color of the cover with your dog’s fur.

Ease of Cleaning – No matter how much you take care of the sofa covers, they will eventually get dirty from daily wear and tear. Most of the covers are machine washable, but you should still double-check this as it becomes difficult to clean the covers that are not machine washable.

Budget – Most of the sofa covers should be in your budget unless you are going for a luxurious cover for your sofa.

Best Sofa Covers For Dog Hair - FAQ

Firstly, you should measure the dimensions of your couch with a measurement tape and note them. Then buy the sofa cover with similar dimensions. Every sofa cover comes with many different sizes, so you should be able to get a size for your sofa. Never buy a sofa cover smaller in size as compared to the size of your sofa. You can buy a little bit bigger to be on the safer side.

As we have discusses earlier, the best way to protect your couch from pet hair is by using a sofa cover, Additionally, make sure that your dog is well-groomed so that he doesn’t have unwanted hairs.

The answer to this question will be different for everybody. If you have a single pet, which is well-behaved and doesn’t create a huge mess, then you can wash your sofa cover once in two or three months. On the other side, if you have multiple pets, then you need to clean the sofa cover every month or maybe even twice a month, depending on how dirty it gets.

All the above-listed sofa covers are machine washable. You can wash them separately in cold water with a mild detergent. For detailed instructions for a specific sofa cover, please check the product page on Amazon or contact the manufacturer of the product.

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