Best Snow Blower For Elderly

Best Snow Blower For Elderly

best snow blower for elderly

Snow blowing could be a difficult task, especially for seniors. Having the appropriate snow blower could make the process easier and hassle-free.

Using snow blowers takes a lot of effort, and all snow blowers may not be suitable for everybody. Some of the snow blowers may weigh more than 200 pounds, which is quite heavy if a senior citizen is restricted from physical movement.

For older people, you need to find a snow blower that’s lightweight, quiet and does not require a lot of maintenance. You may be wondering which snow blower is best for the elderly and meets this criteria. There are many snow blowers available, but after testing, we picked the three best snow blowers for seniors.

Let’s get started.

Best Snow Blower For Elderly People

Snow Joe 22-inch snow blower is a varied snow blower that is great for quick snow removal from large driveways.

It is equipped with a sturdy 15-amp motor, which will help you move up to 840 lbs of snow per minute. The dual LED lights are there to assist you, just if you need to remove the snow in the dark.

Compared to the heavy machinery, it weighs only 35 lbs, making it easy for you to move it around the around. The durable steel auger with two rubber blades of this snow blower helps clear the snow 22 inches wide and 13 inches deep.

We all know maintaining a snow blower is not an easy task. That’s where Snow Joe comes handy. The best thing about this snow blower is that it is Maintenence free. Powered electrically, it is easy to start and maintain. This also eliminates the need for gas, oil, or tune-ups, which will make your life much more comfortable.

In addition to all these great features, it also features an adjustable discharge chute that could rotate 180º, giving you full control over the snow stream’s direction. You can also adjust the chute deflector to control the height of the snow stream.

This Snow Joe snow blower tops our list of best snow blower for elderly people.

Another great option is the GreenWorks 13 amp 20-inch corded snow blower, which is little less powerful than our top pick but certainly doesn’t sacrifice on features. 

It comes with a 13 amp motor that provides 20″ clearing width and 10″ clearing depth. The electric start makes it easy to power up in the snowy weather and it can discharge snow up to 20 feet. Moreover, it is equipped with LED lights that makes it safe to operate during night time.

Because of its electric power capabilties, it make an ideal choice for seniors. No gas, no oil and therefore no maintainence required. The 180 degree directional chute throws up to 20 feet away from your walkway. 

The folding handles of this snow blower helps you to conveniently store it.

The last one in our list of best snow blower for elderly is the snowblower from Wen. It is a powerful tool that throws up to 490 pounds of snow per minute. It’s 13.5 amp engine is capable of throwing snow as far as 20 feet away.

The Wen snow blaster is light in weight, which makes it easy to operate. Its 6-inch wheels allow for smooth steering through the coldest of terrains.

It will help you to clear snow 18 inches wide and 7.8 inches deep. Like the above two snowblowers, this one also features a 180 degrees rotating chute, which again, is a useful feature that makes clearing snow much efficient.

Best Snow Blower For Elderly People: Buying Guide

Now that you have the top three best snow blowers for senior people, it’s time to know about what factors you should consider while buying a snow blower.

best snow blower for elderly

Clearing Width – It is an essential factor while buying a snow blower. The most common clearing widths are between 20 and 25 inches, and this is the range where you will find electric snow blowers. It could go more or less depending on the quality of the snow blower. 

Adjustable Chute Rotation -Having a highly flexible rotating chute is a great feature. It allows you to have control over the redistribution of the snow. The rotation of the chute also determines the snow cutting performance of the snow blower. Consider buying snow blowers with at least 180 degrees rotating chute, which is enough for everyday household use.

LED Headlights – Some snow blowers come with a LED headlight. If you are the person who needs to clear snow in the dark, then you should consider buying a snow blower with a headlight. 

Maintenance – Having a snow blower that is easy to operate, and requires zero or minimal maintenance makes things easy for us. Generally, all the electric snow blowers require no maintenance compared to other snow blowers as they don’t run on gas or oil.

Tips For Clearing Snow

One of the most important things is that you should know what to do and what not to do while clearing snow. While the above tools in our best snow blower for older people will make clearing snow much more manageable, they will require a little effort. 

Here are some snow removal tips for you to make the process a bit easier and safe:

Clear snow more frequently – Waiting for the snow to stop before you start clearing will make things worse. It will build a large pile of snow, which is harder to clear than a small amount of snow if you clear it regularly. If you are expecting a heavy snowfall, it would be better to be prepared in advance and keep clearing snow regularly after some time instead of waiting till the last moment.

Proper Clothing – It would be beneficial for you if you clear snow wearing the proper clothes. It would be best if you had proper clothes to protect you against the cold weather and keep you warm and cozy. Make sure that you are wearing the snow boots (instead of regular shoes) so that you don’t slip.

Get Help – If you feel that the snow has piled up to the extent which is not possible to clear it on your own, you should consider hiring a professional. If you want to get it done for free, there is an option for you as well. Some areas have volunteer services that help senior people to clear snow for free. If you are lucky and have good neighbours, you can always count on them to assist you in clearing the snow.

Don’t Rush – Last but not the least, don’t rush the process. Taking a minute or two longer to clear the snow will ensure that you stay safe while clearing it. Rushing could result in slipping, from which you can get injured severely.

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    In early 2019 we tested two power shovels, the electric Toro PowerShovel 38361 and the cordless Snapper XD 82-Volt Max Snow Shovel. These models had no problems clearing 5 to 6 inches of snow in our tests, but the issue is that they offer no way to direct the snow; it just flies forward. Each machine could throw the snow quite far, but we found it a challenge to maneuver the shovels in a way that put the snow where we wanted it (and not in the neighbor’s yard). Also due to their minimal width, 12 inches, both power shovels required a lot more passes than a regular single-stage blower. Last, the Snapper is quite heavy to use for any extended period of time, due to the battery. We also looked at the Ryobi RYAC803 20 in. 13 Amp Corded Electric Snow Blower, which we liked due to its very low cost and effectiveness with snowfalls under 5 inches. Unfortunately, it won’t be available in stores during the 2019–2020 winter. The similar Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E Electric Snow Blower will be available, but it has a much shorter warranty compared with that of the Ryobi (five years versus two years).

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