5 Best Locks For Storage Units To Have Peace Of Mind

5 Best Locks For Storage Units To Have Peace Of Mind

Best Locks For Storage Units

Storage units are an excellent place to keep your valuable things safe and secure. For the security of your storage units, a proper and suitable lock is a must.

Locks are the safest way to ensure your storage units’ security as they avert the risks of thefts, ravaging, and any other damages. To cut a long story short, a lock serves the purpose of guarding your essential things.

Considering that talking about storage units would generally mean that the chances are very high, the items you keep in these storage units are probably far from your home. That makes it challenging to keep a check on them frequently.

There are many locks available according to your requirements, but choosing the right one is a must!

To reduce the burden of what kind of lock you should choose, we have summed up the information about five best locks for storage units that will surely help you choose the right one for you!

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Best Locks For Storage Units

Here are the best locks for storage units which ensure protection and security for your valuables.

Brinks 673-70001 Commercial Discus Lock is a specially designed 70MM lock to ensure your storage units’ superior security. This lock is constructed with a stainless steel body and shackle to stand any weather without corrosion.

The fantastic design of this lock provides supercut resistance. It is featured with a 4-pin cylinder to make it pick resistant, and a rubber jacket to protect your valuables and surfaces coming in contact with the lock from any damage or scratches.

It has a cut strength of 8100 lbs and is super ideal for your storage units and sheds, lockers, construction site storages, and the truck work boxes.

The lock is simple in design but is highly durable.

This padlock can easily delay meddling with the most reliable performance with prolonged life, making it ideal for us to consider it as one of the best locks for storage units!

The Master 1-7/8 inch wide dial combination lock is one of the best for storage units due to its durability and maximum security.

It is featured with a 3-digit combination lock that makes it very convenient to use due to no need to use keys.

This lock has a durable design, and includes a metal body with an anodized aluminium cover, along with a hardened steel shackle, and an anti-slip locking mechanism that provides improved strength and security.

It has a vast lock body with a diameter of about 9/32 inches, a shackle with 3/4 inches of length, and has a width of 13/16 inches.

This master lock is designed especially for protecting the latch assembly so that there is no target for the shim tool to hit, which makes the lock more difficult to defeat!

The third one in our list of best locks for storage units is the ABUS Steel Rekeyable Keyed Padlock.

With a tensile strength of 25,000 pounds, the lock itself is very durable and hard to break or tamper with.

Moreover, with its rugged body, it is resistant against pulling and drilling.

This lock’s unique feature is that the bottom is protected with hardened steel, which is not the case in the majority of the locks.

The locks weigh 1.09 kg, and its dimensions are 7.85 x 3.89 x 7.77 cm.

Sesamee lock comes with solid brass body and internal mechanisms. It’s good weather and cut resistance is better as compared to the majority of the locks in the market.

With 10000 potential lock combinations, it gives you a highly personalized experience.

The solid brass body is made of durable materials to give complete peace of mind.

Shackle clearance of the lock is 1 inch, and there are four dials.

This strong and sturdy Stanley Hardware Padlock features a full shrouded and hardened steel body.

It has been made with advanced tamper resistance that offers protection even under extreme conditions.

With its ASTM security grade 5 and molybdenum shackle, the Stanley Hardware padlock is safe from cutting and sawing.

The 6-pin cylinder is tough to pick and can easily fool the thieves.

Benefits Of Having A High-Quality Lock

Reduces burden: Having a storage unit means a considerable burden of securing your things kept in there. Having the perfect lock for your storage unit will probably reduce your burden and will relieve you from the stress of managing your essential things.

No time to time visits: The most general point of having a storage unit is that the things you keep in there are far from your home. So, if there is security on the unit, proper locking will avoid the need of time to time hushing up to your storage unit.

Peace of mind: Another reason why having a perfect lock matter is that it provides you with a peace of mind knowing that your storage unit and your things have been safely secured and even if someone tries to harm your things, you have already taken the proper steps to prevent them!

Prevents loss: No one would love getting a huge loss, due to theft or ravages or any other kind of damages to your precious things. So, having a high-quality lock prevents your storage unit from any damages.

Final Words

Finding the right locks for a storage facility can be difficult. It’s essential to make sure you get the right lock for your needs.

If you are looking for basic security, you can choose from inexpensive padlocks. If you want better security and have specific items that you don’t want to leave out, you need to invest in more robust locks.

The above list five best locks for storage units provides you with the best options.

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