Best Floating Shelves For Heavy Items

best floating shelves for heavy items

Are you a person who loves to decorate and organize their home? There may be certain items in your house that are heavy and difficult to organize.

One of the best options to organize the complex items is using the floating shelves.

Yes, that’s why you are here.

Floating shelves are a great way to organize rooms with too much stuff.

You may have tried a few floating shelves earlier, but they didn’t work out for you because your stuff was heavy.

That’s because not every floating shelve can handle bulky items.

You may be trying to put a metal decor on display, but you are afraid that your floating shelve could even withstand it or not.

To find the best floating shelves for heavy items, we tested many different shelves and came up with a list of the best five.

These recommendations should be able to handle the heavy stuff that you want to place on the shelves.

Hang on, and we will guide you through the five best floating shelves for heavy items.

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Best Floating Shelves For Heavy Items

Dakoda 8″ shelves are one of the most rugged shelves that you can find in the market.

Because of these shelves are handmade in the USA, the attention to detail on them is perfect. They are simple yet a great piece of home organization.

Apart from bedrooms, you can use them in other places like the kitchen, bathroom, office, living room, dining room, bar, nursery, game room, and garage.

That’s a lot of places. 

These shelves measure 48″ long x 8″ deep x 1.38″ thick and can hold up to 100 pounds when securely mounted.

The installation of these shelves is pretty straightforward.

A single lengthy piece floating shelf bracket is used to mount these floating shelves, and they are fitted with multiple bracket rods to make installation quick.

They also have screw holes every 4 inches to give you many stud mount options.

Add a rustic element your home with these WG Willow & Grace Designs floating shelves

These shelves are elegantly crafted out of 100% imported solid pine to exhibit the wood’s natural knots. On top of that, they are tinted to give the classic aged look.

Industrial iron end caps are also included to add charm to any place in your house.

The shelves’ measurements are 24 x 6 x 1.5 inches, and they are capable of holding weight up to 40lbs each.

Moving forward with our list of best floating shelves for heavy items, the next one is Amanda floating shelves. This three-piece floating shelves from Amanda is a masterpiece in terms of quality and looks.

They are very easy to install as only some screws are needed to fix these shelves to the wall and to maintain their function. 

Designed with paulownia wood and powder-coated metal brackets, these shelves can enhance any modern household’s aesthetic flare.

They come in two colors (Grey & Natural) to match your home’s design or style.

All three shelves can hold up to 40lbs each and have different dimensions as follows:

  • Small: 11.4 × 6 × 4.3 inches
  • Medium: 14.2 × 6 × 4.3 inches
  • Large: 16.5 × 6 × 4.3 inches

Several factors made Rustic Farmouse shelves feature on our list of best floating shelves for heavy items.

At first, the thing that I liked the most about them is their looks. The combination of modern looks and simplicity will give a whole new look to your house.

These floating shelves are broader and more robust than regular narrow wall shelves, so you can safely store your small plants, photos, books, trophies, collectibles, etc.

The overall dimensions are 1.5 inch Height x 24 inch Length x 5.5 inch Depth, and every shelf has a load-bearing capacity of 25lbs max.

These shelves come in three different sizes with two color options, that are Walnut and White Oak.

The last one in our list of best floating shelves for heavy items is Bamfox shelves.

They come in a set of two, and each piece can hold up to 33lbs.

These shelves have all that it takes to spice up your home. 

These shelves are made from real solid wood, and you can feel the coated rich, beautiful dark walnut finish.

The installation brackets are very well made and incorporate an artistic design that allows for a slight horizontal adjustment of the support rod and the installation angle’s adjustment by using the small set screws.

The dimensions of these shelves are 15.74”L x 5.79” W x 4.5” each.

Final Thoughts

Every floating shelve is made differently for different uses. However, their purpose at the end is the same, which is to help you organize your home in a better way.

There may be a lot of price difference between some of the floating shelves you see.

That’s because some are made with real wood while others are not.

A few floating shelves are even made with hand only, which further increases their attention to detail.

All of the above mentioned floating shelves are an excellent option for placing heavy stuff on them, but Dakota floating shelve is my personal favourite because its build quality is unmatchable.

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