5 Best Dump Cart For Lawn Tractor: Buying Guide

Best Dump Cart For Lawn Tractor

best dump cart for lawn tractor

Whether you own a small piece of land, have a landscaping company or passionate about your house’s garden, the best dump cart for lawn tractor can make your task easy.

You will most likely spend a fair amount of time in taking care of your lawn. Having a dump cart would make your work simpler by reducing the workload by a notable margin.

You will find that there are many dump carts in the market today, which makes it confusing to select the best dump cart for lawn tractor. Therefore, we decided to take this into our own hands, and  made a list of five best dump cart for lawn tractor.

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Best Dump cart for lawn tractor

When it comes to buying dump carts, Gorilla Carts is a well-known name. They are known for making one of the most durable quality carts, this GOR4PS model is a no exception.

This cart comes under the poly trailer category, and it can carry loads up to 600 pounds with ease. The cart is easy to maintain and clean.

The patented quick-release dumping system of this cart will reduce the efforts you need to load and unload the cart. The 4-wheel design lets you move quickly on rugged terrain, even when the cart is fully loaded.

The latest frame design of this cart makes the assembly quick and easy. You won’t have to make much effort to put this cart to work. With its 10-inch pneumatic tires, you will able to steer through heavy dirt, plants or grave easily.

The cart itself weighs 32 pounds, and its overall height is 19.5-inches.

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Turn your all-terrain vehicle or lawn tractor into an all-purpose hauling machine with the Polar Trailer 8232 HD heavy-duty cart. Because of its large size and sturdy built, it can carry loads up to 1200 pounds.

It is one of the most durable and dependable trailers out there. With its extra-thick bed, walls, and gunnels, this cart can handle all the heavy rocks, firewood, or anything you want to carry.

The tilt-and-swivel frame with a quick-release hook makes for an effortless directional dump, allowing you to put your load exactly wherever you want. The sealed ball bearing makes sure that there is no greasing.

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Gorilla Carts GOR1200-COM is another excellent option if you are looking for a cart capacity of 1200 pounds. The cart features a steel mesh bed for the toughest hauling jobs.

The combination of 13-Inch pneumatic tires and 1200 pounds weight capacity makes it an excellent selection for your farm or garden. With its innovative steel mesh frame, the cart is easy to assemble as it reduces the number of parts that need to be assembled.

The cart offers superb maneuverability, rigidity and terrain clearance. The cart’s removable sides and bed liners allow you to carry large items like logs or fence posts with ease. With its 2-in-1 convertible handle, you will be able to either pull it easily by hands or convert it into a hitch to haul it behind a tractor.

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The Polar Trailer 8233 HD is a huge dump cart that allows you to move up to 1500 lbs in a single trip. I have used this for moving firewood and rocks in my garden, and believe me; this thing does its job perfectly.

The assembly of this cart is easy and would take around an hour. The frame is heavy-duty and powder coated along with top quality carriage bolts, nuts, and washers. If you need a little more space, you can buy the Polar Trailer side rack kit. This kit will allow you to carry some more pieces of rocks or firewood.

Overall, one of the best dump cart for lawn tractor with the excellent build quality and large wheels.

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The final selection in our list of best dump cart for lawn tractor is the Gorilla Carts GOR1400-COM. By now, you must have been familiar with Gorilla Carts’ name, and this one is their most giant capacity cart.

This cart is one of the most comfortable carts to assemble, taking less than 30 minutes to assemble, if done correctly. You will able to carry up to 1400 pounds of weight. With the 15-inch massive tires, you can easily steer through the most uneven surfaces.

Here is a noticeable review from Amazon that will give you a better understanding of what you can carry on this cart:

“What will it carry? More than you can load on it, and I’ve tried. Dirt? Doesn’t even notice. A large generator? No problem. As many rocks (like big ones) as you can stack on it? Sure, but you’ll need a lawn tractor to move it. A pallet of cement? Handled it fine, but it took a truck to move it. So yeah, it will handle whatever you can throw on it. Operator error is another issue separate from the function of this cart.”

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Best Dump Cart For Lawn Tractor: Buying Guide

Now you have a list of five best dump cart for lawn tractor. Purchasing a dump cart requires a lot of exhausting work to go through. As more dump carts keep entering the market, the truth is that getting the ideal cart for your specific garden needs becomes more difficult.

So, how can you tell which one of the above five dump carts would be perfect for you?

Here is a complete guide on buying the best dump cart for lawn tractor.

best dump cart for lawn tractor

Go For The Right Materials

Dump carts come in a variety of materials ranging from plastic, poly to metals. Price is directly proportional to the quality of materials used for making the cart. Having good quality build materials is an essential factor for the life duration of a cart. Every material used in the carts has its advantages and disadvantages.

Steel is the most common metal found in the carts as it has the right mixture of durability and power without being too heavy. For example, a cart made with steel metal will have a higher price tag, but they are more robust than plastic material. However, steel carts have a disadvantage of catching rust after some time because of the metallic element.

Although the rust could be treated in many ways and get rid of, it is always better to know the downsides before buying it.

Along with the problem of rusting, metals carts are heavier in weight, and therefore, they may put extra pressure on your tractor.

Contrarily, plastic and poly carts are free from the problem of rusting. But, as I said earlier, every material comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Plastics generally have less holding power than metals.

UV radiation is another concern that a plastic cart might have, and it mainly depends on the type of plastic used. The most commonly used plastic in the dump carts is Polyethylene because it is lightweight, low-priced, and easy to mold. On the other hand, it is more sensitive to UV radiation.

So, it would be best to choose the best dump cart for lawn tractor by keeping in mind the benefits and drawbacks of each material.

Pick The Fitting Loading Capacity

Buying a dump cart with the loading capacity that you need is significant. The weight and quantity of things you need to move from one place to another will determine whether you need to go for a higher capacity model.

If you are going to move more extensive materials, you should choose a cart with a minimum capacity of 1000 pounds.

Simultaneously, if you need to move some branches or lighter organic materials, a cart with a max load limit of 600 pounds would do the work.

Mobility Of The Wheels

While you think that mobility is not an essential factor, it influences how easy you can move a cart.

The mobility of a cart mostly depends on the wheels – in considerations of both size and material. The wheels should be large enough so that they are not restricting the movement of the cart.

Additionally, the cart’s tires should be firm and pneumatic enough to resist uneven and bumpy surfaces. Therefore, it is vital to choose a cart that offers you high mobility.

FAQ's Related To The Best Dump Cart For Lawn Tractor

Generally, utilities have many names, which can confuse the consumer. Typically, a garden cart is a term used by homeowners and professionals for the carts supposed to be pulled by hands. These carts have a significantly less max weight capacity and are used for small gardening tasks.

On the other hand, as the name suggests, a dump cart for lawn tractor is designed to be hitched behind a lawn tractor and pulled by it.

Just in case you need to replace a part of your cart or you have lost one, you can find and purchase a replacement part from Amazon.

Yes, you have to assemble the cart yourself as they don’t come pre-assembled. However, most of the carts are pretty easy to assemble and won’t require much effort.

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