Best Curtains For Small Windows

Best Curtains For Small Windows

Deciding the perfect curtains for your small windows may take more time than searching curtains for standard-sized windows.

Selecting heavier and bigger sized curtains than required could result in overwhelming your window. Therefore, it becomes vital to choose curtains for small windows carefully.

Keep on reading, and we will guide you through the best curtains for small windows.

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How To Choose Curtains For Small Windows?

Before moving on to our top five picks for the best small curtains, let’s discuss the factors you should keep in mind before buying curtains.

Privacy: It is one of the most important factors you should consider while selecting your windows’ curtains. You should look out for curtains that ensure your privacy remains confidential and let you enjoy some natural light. 

Style: This factor depends on many other things. For some people, simple grey colored curtains would be perfect while some prefer curtains with fancy prints. 

No matter which type of curtains you like, make sure that they complement your house’s decor. 

Length: Though all the options we have listed below are suitable for small windows, every window is still different from each other in terms of size. 

You will find that all these curtains will have different size options with slight variations.

For measuring your window size, decide how high above the window, you want to hang curtains. It would be best if you hang curtains six inches above the window frame (or slightly more), as it gives the feeling of height.

Fabric: Another crucial factor in deciding the curtains for yourself would be the fabric of the curtains. If the fabric is too heavy, it could result in not holding well, and if the fabric is on the lighter side, the curtains may not fall well.

Also, decide whether you want a fabric that could be washed in the washing machine or cleaned only by using a dry cleaner.

Best Curtains For Small Windows

Here is the list of 5 best curtains for small windows.

When it comes to choosing curtains for small windows, Nicetown curtains are one of the best in the game.

Each package comes with a set of two curtains, and you can choose from more than 20 colors and 10 sizes.

These curtains take care of one of the most important factor, that is, privacy. They block 75% -99% light and UV rays depending on which color you choose. The blackout effect ensures that you get the ultimate privacy.

On top of their build quality, these curtains are eco-friendly as well. Only fine selected raw materials are used in their production.

If you are looking for something a little fancy, then these Treatmentex curtains could be an excellent option for you.

Their artistic design and flowing white leaf pattern print on the linen-textured background look fabulous in the living room, studio, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or kids room.

You won’t have any trouble in hanging them, thanks to their 1″ +2″ header design, which can fit any standard or decorative curtain rods(up to 1.5″ in diameter).

Lazzzy grey tier curtains will give you a premium feel along with staying within budget. Their beautiful waffle weave provides a rich look and feel.

Although these curtains come only in a single color, the grey color will go with almost every window of your house.

The waterproof feature of these curtains will prevent your windows from getting wet.

You can combine these curtains with coordinating valances and swags to complement the decor of your house.

The Nanan short curtains bring a fruity effect to your surroundings with its pineapple print design.

These golden pineapple window tier curtains make sure that you get your privacy along with some light filtered through.

Overall, the curtains give a natural and charming look.

These curtains from Mrtress are one of the most vibrant colored curtains that you can find. The beautifully printed leaves on the curtains look like an ink painting.

The colorful large flower design will give a touch of elegance to your house.

You can find these curtains available in six different unique colors and two different sizes.

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