Best Alarm Clock To Get Out Of Bed

best alarm clock to get out of bed

Let’s admit it that we all hate waking up to an alarm clock every morning. Whether the reason for waking up early in the morning is work, exercise or something else, an alarm clock will never be our favourite thing. 

But a good alarm clock can make waking up in the morning a little easier. That’s why we have researched more than a hundred different alarm clocks to find the best alarm clock to get out of bed. After testing all the clocks, we came up with a list of three clocks that we found the best in the market.

Let’s get started.

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Best Alarm Clock To Get Out Of Bed

If you are a heavy sleeper and you can sleep through anything, then this alarm clock will be your perfect partner. This alarm clock has some fantastic features that are hard to find in any other clock.

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock offers unparalleled 113 decibels extra loud alarm sound (just in case if you are wondering how loud is 113 decibels, then it is as loud as car horn of a car or equal to noise at a concert) that guarantee to wake you up. It also has an adjustable tone and volume control that lets you have more flexibility.

If you feel that such a large volume will disturb other people in your room, then this clock comes with a super shaker bed vibrating unit. This unit will go under your mattress or pillow and will vibrate until you wake up.

The clock offers dual alarms functionality, which will allow you and your partner to wake up at different times. You can also change the clock format to both 12 and hours. The clock has an excellent build quality that will last for many years.

This alarm clock from FSMY is famous for its classic and vintage looks and high quality. For heavy sleepers, this is a great product and easy to use. The alarm volume of this clock is loud and deafening. 

When the clock usually is running, it has a quiet movement of hands. It allows you to concentrate on the work that you are doing by not getting disturbed.

The clock is easy to operate as it has only four buttons, two knobs to set the alarm and clock, one alarm switch and one night light button. When you press the night light button, a backlight will help you see the time at night.

The clock is energy efficient as it uses only 1 piece of an AA battery.

The last one in our list of the best alarm clock to get out of bed is from Latme. This alarm clock has tons of features. 

It comes with seven different alarm clock sounds, and all of them are pretty loud. The volume of the alarm clock sound is adjustable. This clock also has a dual alarm feature which helps you to set two different alarms. The clock has a big snooze button which you can use to get an extra ten minutes of sleep.

The clock is easy to use and as the numbers are big on screen. It’s 3.2 inches screen has five different adjustable brightness levels.

The unique feature of this clock is that it has an FM radio in it. You can choose from 15 preset stations. 

Overall, it is a great alarm clock that will help you wake up from your deep sleep which also offers many great features.


Now you have the three best options in front of you. All these three clocks are very loud in terms of alarm volume. They also offer great features other than loud alarm volume. The significant difference in them is the design of the clocks. The alarm clock from Sonic Boom is my personal favourite.

Which one worked as the best alarm clock to get out of bed for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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